Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Schools and Colleges need Student Information System?

The education sector in India has been going through a lot of changes for the past 10 years. This evolution of schools and colleges in based upon the adoption of new technologies. Some of these technologies are used in creating different modes of education and learning while some are used to help management in keeping the student data in a format which could be used in analysing their growth as well as the growth of institution.

There  was a time when only few students were present in different institutes but in current days there are thousands of students in every school and keeping all the student data managed has become a nightmare. This is the place when school ERPs also known as student information systems comes into the picture which are the tools for managing the information.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

KlassTouch - A new way to manage your institution

Klass Touch Informatica has brought an innovation in the ways schools and colleges were managed. KlassTouch schoolmanagement system by Klass Touch Informatica is a complete school school erp software which has modules like library management system, Finance, Human Resource, Online Examination, Different logins for parents, students, teachers and admin.

KlassTouch is also the first school Student Information System in India which has the CCE software as per the guidelines defined by the CBSE.

Salient features of KlassTouch

·         Inbuilt messaging system (SMS on attendance, student admission and Bulk SMS etc.).
·         India’s First ERP with Mobile App.
·         Integrated with CCE software which generates instant Report Card.
·         Keep record of not only current student but also Alumni
·         Attendance plugin which could be integrated with Biometric or RFID devices.
·         Complete solution with Finance and HRM module.
·         Online Examination, Statistical and Graphical view of all reports
·         Discussion, Blog and Poll modules.
·         Get new admission with online registration facility.
·         Attendance through mobile app.
·         Already 20+ institutions connected.

·         Designed for every type of Institutions like schools, colleges, Universities, Kindergarten, Training Institutions and Group of Institutions

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

School Management System - KlassTouch Informatica

KlassTouch is India's first educational ERP with
more than 40 modules online. A cloud based school managementsoftware to automate your institute. KlassTouch could
be customized according to the needs of your institute.

School Management System